What is Culinary Kids Zimbabwe?

Culinary Kids Zimbabwe  expands children’s food horizons through education and hands-on experiences, and is dedicated to inspiring children to explore. Originally started in South Africa, as CulinaryKids SA  which is a sister company to ActionBall SA,

Culinary Kids Zimbabwe expands children's food horizons

This fun-filled learning process entails teaching each prospective Culinary Kid:

  • the basics (the source of milk and eggs);
  • the food groups (dairy, fruit and vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates & grain/cereal foods);
  • making healthy choices;
  • independence;
  • safety in the kitchen;
  • how to follow a recipe;
  • decorating, desserts, baking techniques; and
  • how to design and create their very own meals and culinary delights (which involves using cognitive skills as well as gross and fine motor skills).

Culinary Kids Zimbabwe expand children's food horizons

Why choose Culinary Kids?

Culinary Kids Zimbabwe was designed with children and their fussy eating habits in mind.

A striking feature of the 21st century is a lack of food knowledge and lack of food exposure in the younger generation as well as one-dimensional eating habits.

Who is Culinary Kids for?

Culinary Kids Zimbabwe welcomes children aged 3 to 10 years old to embark on a culinary adventure with us.


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